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Non-member features

Usually, non-members think they can’t do much. But theirs a huge part they CAN do!


Non-members can explore space! All my parties are in non-member locations!


Of coarse, all servers are non-members! Let’s not get into that!

Pupki and more!:

As a non-member, if you type in BIGPONDGAMES in the redeem machine, you can get:

  • 1,000 Coins
  • A Pupki (Can’t name it as a non-member)
  • Puppy sleeping rug
  • Space Cadet Bomber Jacket (Different from beta Jacket on back)
  • Potted Plant


You can get more than half of the badges! The only member badges are in the Member Badges area, and that’s less than HALf!


As a non-member, you can move where your house is outside! Still cooler than nothing!


You may get a Starjet as a non-member! You should know how to get it! If not, I’ll work on a tutorial!


You get access to all levels in each minigame!

Chat Safely:

Little Space Heroes would NEVER make you pay to safely chat! (That is something only a Predacon would do!)

No Third-Party advertising:

This is always a fun one! Most virtual worlds would show you an ad if you don’t pay! LSH has absolutely NO third-party ads!

Collect gems and hidden items:

You can still get coins by finding gems, and you can still find hidden items!

Now, there are lots of things you can do as a nonmember, I can’t name them all! As always, Keep Exploring!

  1. I want a new promo code!

  2. Max permalink

    Can someone tell me where you can find a game card

  3. Margareth Elaine M. Herrera permalink

    Become a Premium Member for adventure and explore more about the galaxy and be famous!

  4. new codes: Shopping and Adventure

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