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The forum is avalible now!

Now posting on Snailz

Hey guys! The time has come, I am moving this blog. I will be posting in the Space Heroes Universe newsroom of Snailz, a brand new website by me!

Click here to see the newsroom!


Special Promo Codes in Magazines?

Hey guys! Looks like new promo codes are in some magazines for a chance to win FREE membership!

Here are the tweets:

Woot! I’m not gonna be able to enter, but that’s really cool!

-Keep Exploring!

Play LSH on your tablet?

Hey guys! It seems the LSH team is promoting the Puffin browser! It seems really cool, but why not create a Space Heroes app that we can play on?

Here’s the banner:


-Keep Exploring!!!

New Space Heroes Ep. 2

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting for a long time! I will try to post all possible times! Whatever it takes, it will be done!

Anywho, here is the episode:

Sky Jump now multiplayer!

Hey guys! You ever heard of skydoesmin…. I mean sky  jump? Well… now you can play with your hero friends!

Here’s a screenshot:



p.s. I play Minecraft!

Big news: Jetpack Jinx and Tango

Now before I say anything about the news, I just wanted to say that I’ve noticed the new authors are not posting anything. If you are gonna sign up to be author, make sure you do post.

Also, I’m on summer break, so I have no excuse to not post 🙂

Anyways, on to the big news, Jetpack Jinx has officially partnered with Tango! Tango is a free mobile video calls thingy. This may mean that Jetpack Jinx will have some multiplayer action!

I wonder what will happen!


New Author Izeeh:

New Author Izeeh:

hello………guys im izeeh im happy to be an author of screenbones blog……………



New Author: Micah (Ally)!!!

New Author: Micah (Ally)!!!

Heya Heroes!

I ask Screenbones that I could Be a Author of his site so he answer it, it took a long way to get into this site coz i never use word press before

so here is some facts about me

– I am 12 turning 13 this year

-I am smart!!!!

– I love school

-I love math and homework

– I hate lollies

so that is all cya!!

LSH toys coming soon!!!

Hey guys! LSH toys are coming soon! This means we will have MORE promo codes!!!

IDK if I’ll use the codes I get, or if I’ll share them to you. 🙂


-Keep Exploring!!!

New kritter items!

Hey guys! I know I’m 2 days off but check out the new kritter items in the space pad catalog:


-Keep Exploring